Important Differences Between Asphalt Shingles and Slate Tiles

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When it comes to putting a roof on a new building, you want to find the best roofing material. The most popular type of roofing material is generally a shingle or tile roof. If you are struggling to decide if you want to install an asphalt shingle roof or a slate tile roof, here are some of the similarities and differences between these two roofing products.

The Cost

Asphalt has become the go-to roofing material and because many property owners choose to install asphalt shingle roofs, the price has lowered over time. Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable types of roofing material on the market.

Slate tiles, on the other hand, tend to cost more than asphalt shingles. Slate tiles are seen as more of a premium roofing material and will increase the overall cost of your roofing job by a couple of thousand dollars.

The Installation

Asphalt shingles are easy to install, as they are relatively lightweight. It is often easy for a professional roofing company to install a roof on a residential home in under a day.

Shingle tiles are heavier than asphalt tiles, and thus require a little more work to install. Additionally, oftentimes the underlying support structure must be increased in order to support the additional weight.

The Durability

Asphalt roof shingles are made to provide you with protection for a limited time. They can be easily damaged in a serious storm. These types of shingles need to be replaced around fifteen to twenty years.

Slate tiles, on the other hand, are really made to last. The extra weight makes it difficult for the shingles to damage in a windstorm or other serious weather. Slate tiles are made to last, often for the lifetime of a building. Slate tiles can easily last for decades with the right care. Chances are, if you install a slate roof, you will not have to install another one anytime soon.

The Appearance

The appearance of a shingle roof is typical. This type of roof looks like a regular roof and is often what people think about when they think of a roof.

A slate tile roof, on the other hand, looks really nice and makes your home stand out, as it is not a common roofing material. If you want your home to stand out and look strong, a slate roof will achieve that objective.

An asphalt shingle roof is affordable, easy to install, and just looks like a regular roof.  A slate tile roof costs more but looks more stately and is more durable. If you need a new roof, contact new construction roof services to learn which option is better for your property. 


25 February 2020

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