Design Your Walkout Basement To Lead Straight To One Of These Areas

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The ability to have a walkout basement as part of your custom-designed home can be very appealing for a number of reasons. This type of basement is typically bright and welcoming, and the easy access to it can be favorable for your family and for your guests. When you're working with a custom builder to design how your walkout basement will look, give some thought to what will sit beyond its doors. When you're in the basement, you want to be able to look out through them and see something appealing. Having the house built in a position that allows you to enjoy what is outside of the walkout basement is ideal. Here are some ideas to consider.


If you're buying property on the water, a walkout basement can be highly appealing. You'll want to ensure that your builder constructs your house so that the walkout faces the water. Imagine sitting in your basement and watching the sun rise or set over the water or being able to sit and watch sailboats glide past on a sunny afternoon. The proper placement of the walkout basement in relation to the waterfront can dramatically increase the amount of time that you spend in the basement and also your enjoyment of this space.

Swimming Pool

If you plan to have a swimming pool installed outside of your custom home, make sure that the walkout basement leads directly to it. Not only will this make for a visually appealing sight, but it will also be functional. For example, if your children are having a pool party with friends, they can easily move between the pool area and the basement, where you might have games or refreshments set up. If you have a bathroom in the basement, it can be easy for people who are swimming to use this space to change into their swimsuits.

Forested Area

Many homeowners enjoy being able to look out their windows and see natural elements such as forested areas. If your custom home is situated within view of a picturesque forest, ensure that your builder constructs the dwelling so that the walkout basement faces toward it. Year-round, you'll enjoy the view of the forest from your basement. In the fall, you'll appreciate the beauty of the forest as its leaves change color. In the winter, the snow-covered forest can be a stunning backdrop when you're sitting in the basement and enjoying a fire in the fireplace.

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30 September 2019

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