Looking To Make Your Home More Rustic? Remodeling Ideas For You

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When you are thinking about giving your home a new style and design, a rustic style may be on the forefront of your mind. However, as much as you may like rustic decor, you may not yet know how you would go about making your existing home more rustic. Get to know a few home remodeling ideas to help you get that rustic style you have been hoping for. Then, you can get your rustic home remodeling project started as soon as you are ready. 

Build a Barn Door Bookcase

If you are a book lover and have a collection that you would like to show off, you can do so in true rustic style with a built-in barn door bookcase. The idea behind these bookcases is to have various compartments that can be open or covered depending on if you close or open the barn doors installed on the outside of the book shelves. 

The barn doors slide along the plane of the bookshelves to open and close. This gives you a versatility in your shelving and creates a beautiful, rustic, and homey environment.

Having your bookcases built in rather than choosing standalone versions also helps to make the whole space feel cozier and warmer, which are also major characteristics of rustic home design. It also takes care of your wall decor for you if you have one wall of a main room that is floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases. You only have to add accent decor to the rest of the room because you already have a rustic focal point. 

Put Reclaimed Barn Siding to Use

Another idea for your rustic home design is to utilize reclaimed barn siding in your home design. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been previously used in construction and has been salvaged for reuse. Oftentimes, reclaimed wood has a much more beautiful and rustic appeal than newly cut wood, which looks fresh and bright. 

The fading and the weathering of reclaimed barn siding is what gives the wood its charm. A great way to utilize reclaimed barn siding is to create an accent wall in a room. You could also use it to wall an entire space, like a dining room or bathroom. 

You could also, of course, use this barn siding as the exterior siding for your home. This could bring the rustic appeal to the exterior of your home in addition to the interior. 

Knowing these ways that you can remodel your home to make it more rustic, you can use these options as a way to get started on your home remodeling project. Contact a company like Old World Lumber Company for more ideas.


28 February 2019

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