Marina Services You May Need For Your Boat

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Keeping your boat running correctly and have it serviced on a regular schedule extend the life of the boat. Winter maintenance is also essential because if the boat is not stored correctly, you could end up with some costly repairs. 

Where to Get Your Boat Services

Most people that own a boat live near the water. There are often marinas near boat launches and in the area that can help you with service when your boat needs it. If you prefer to do your own work, you can get parts from the marina like oil filters and spark plugs made specifically for your boat motor. The marina is an excellent place to get many of the services your boat will need to check with the one in your area for details about what they offer and what the cost is. 

Winter Storage

Storing your boat for the winter is one service that many marinas offer. Most marinas will winterize the boat for you then close it up, wrap it, and find a storage spot in the yard for you. If you would rather take it home and store it there, they can wrap it on the trailer so you can transport it after. The service typical involves draining the lower unit oil, changing the engine oil, and changing things like spark plugs and air filters. Often they can tailor the service to your needs so talk to the service manager and find out what they can do for you.

Summer Service

During the peak boating season, the last thing you want to do is ty up your boat for a few days, but many marinas can change the oil or service the boat quickly, so you don't lose much time with it. Schedule an appointment ahead, so you are not waiting around while the work is performed. 

Major Breakdowns

More significant work like replacing a broken propeller or dealing with a cracked lower unit housing can take some time, but it is best to have a mechanic that is certified to work on boats do the work. The local marina is the best option for repairs like these. If the boat is not running at all, you may need to tow it into the marina so they can determine what the problem is.  

Damage to the Hull

The hull of the boat, the part that is in the water, can be damaged as well. If the boat runs aground or hits something like a rock or log in the water, have it inspected at the marina to ensure there is no damage. If damage is found, the marina can give you an estimate to repair it and get you back on the water. 

Contact a marina repair service for more help.


14 January 2019

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