Why You Should Repair A Cracked Sewer Pipe Quickly And Possible Repair Options


A sewer pipe can last for years without having any damage. However, when your system is old, and the pipe is corroded, it is more prone to failing. Even new sewer pipes can be damaged by tree roots, earth shifting, freezing and thawing, digging, or driving over the pipe. The invasion of tree roots is one of the most common reasons for sewer pipe trouble. Here's why a cracked or burst pipe needs immediate repairs, and how repairs might be done.

A Leaking Sewer Pipe Is A Health Hazard

The most important reason to have a leaking sewer pipe repaired is for your family's health and safety. Contaminated waste from the pipe can rise to the surface of your lawn and create a toxic mess that's a danger for your kids and pets. You don't want to contaminate your lawn and face fines from the city. It's not really possible to hide a sewer pipe leak since your neighbors will notice the odor. When you suspect your sewer line has problems, or when you smell a sewer odor outside, then call for an inspection and repairs as soon as you can.

A Busted Pipe Can Be Repaired Or Replaced

The first thing the plumber will do is inspect the line. This can be done with a pipe camera. The camera shows the condition of the pipe and the type of damage. You can see the results by watching the video from the camera. Once that's done, the plumber will explain your options for fixing the problem. It might be necessary to dig up the pipe and replace it with a new one. However, this is usually a last option if repairs aren't possible. Repairing a sewer line involves pulling a liner through the old pipe or pulling a new pipe behind the old pipe busting up the old pipe as it goes.

Having a liner put in is an option to consider since this inflates a new pipe inside your old one and cures it in place. This gives you a continuous pipe with no vulnerable seams for tree roots to wiggle through. Pulling a new pipe through is another good option, too, since the old pipe doesn't have to be dug up to do it. The type of repair you choose depends on the configuration and depth of your old pipe, and whether the pipe is just cracked or collapsed. Neither of these methods involves digging up your yard and that's why repairs are favored over digging up the old pipe and replacing it.

If you suspect you have a damaged sewer line, then contact a local sewer line repair company like Jarrach Cesspools to fix it for you.


4 December 2018

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