Things That Go Drip In The Night: Why You Need To Repair Those Leaky Faucets

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When it comes to leaky faucets, the best thing you can do is get them repaired as quickly as possible. Leaky faucets are no laughing matter. Leaky faucets can cause some serious problems in your home. If the leaks go on for too long, they can even destroy your faucets. If you've been postponing the repairs on your leaky faucets, here are four good reasons why you should call your plumber right away.

Reduce Water Waste

If you've got leaky faucets in your home, you're wasting water. Unfortunately, during a drought, every drop of water counts. Not only that, but you're paying for the water that's being wasted, which means you're not only wasting water, you're also wasting money. You can reduce the water waste, and get your water bills back under control, by repairing those leaky faucets as soon as possible.

Eliminate Annoying Noise

There's nothing worse than the sound of dripping water. If you've got leaky faucets, you're probably getting tired of hearing water dripping 24-hours a day. You can eliminate the annoying noises by having those leaks repaired. Once the threads are stripped on your faucet, no amount of tightening is going to stop those annoying drips. The only way you'll solve the problem is by having your faucets professionally repaired.

Protect Your Septic System

If you have a septic system, you need to watch the amount of water that flows through to the tanks. Too much water and you could be left facing a backup of epic proportions. The last thing you want is for your leaky faucets to cause your septic tank to overflow. Unfortunately, that can happen if your septic tank is already nearing maximum capacity. If your faucets have been leaking for a while, it's time to have them repaired. It's also a good idea to have your septic tank emptied at the same time.

Prevent Unhealthy Situations

When you've got leaky faucets in your home, you're not just dealing with the annoying noises and the water waste. You're also dealing with potential health problems. Leaky faucets can cause mold growth in your home, which can be particularly problematic for people with asthma, allergies, or other breathing-related disorders. However, leaky faucets can also increase your risk of pest infestations. Pests such as rodents and roaches are attracted to moisture. If your faucets are leaking, you could be exposing your family to the risks associated with those types of pests.

Don't let those leaks get away from you. For more information, contact a plumber to help you fix leaky faucets.


1 May 2018

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