Tips For Businesses With Automatic Doors

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Automatic sliding doors are a popular type of door for businesses of any size. Yet business owners will often overlook the importance of being informed when it concerns these doors. However, making this mistake can lead to problems and inefficiencies that could prove to be disruptive.

Maintain the Opener

The opener for your automatic doors will be one of the most important components. When this motor develops significant wear and tear or accumulates large amounts of dust and dirt, the opener may fail to function. In extreme cases, these issues can cause significant damage to the moving parts of the opener. To prevent these issues from striking your automatic door, you will need to regularly clean the opener and the track so that the dust and dirt can be removed before they are able to get inside the opener. In addition to cleaning the opener, you should also have it serviced and calibrated yearly, as this will allow minor forms of wear to be repaired before they can cause catastrophic damage to the opener.

Have an Emergency Power Source Installed

A power outage can result in your doors failing to open automatically. Rather, it will be necessary to manually open and close the doors. This may prove to be extremely disruptive and problematic if there are many individuals in your business during the power outage. By installing an emergency power source for the door opener, you can keep it working so that your customers and employees can easily exit the building. The exact type of power source will vary based on the needs and design of the door. Before buying a backup power source, you should consult the manual for your door system or have it examined by a professional if you no longer have this documentation.

Consider Adding a Tint to the Glass Door

Automatic doors will frequently be made of glass, and while this can be an aesthetically pleasing option, it can act as a drag on your building's energy efficiency. This is due to the large amounts of sunlight that the doors may allow through. You will be able to greatly reduce the amount of heat gain that this caused by installing a reflective tint on the glass. When adding a tint to a large panel of glass, you should retain professional help for this project. Otherwise, it could be easy for you to inadvertently leave air bubbles in the film or apply it in an uneven way.

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6 February 2018

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