Found The Perfect Land For Your Dream Home? 2 Things To Check Before You Buy

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If you have found the perfect land to build your dream home on, you should not immediately start building. This is because there are things you need to check first, two of which are listed below. This will ensure you are happy with your purchase and you have no problems once you build your home.

Hire A Land Surveyor

Even if the real estate agent or land owner gives you a survey report, you should still hire a land surveyor and have the property surveyed on your own. You may see pins pushed into the ground on the property. These pins are used to mark the boundaries. They can be placed or moved by anyone, however, so you do not know if the boundaries are correct.

The land surveyor will first visit your county municipality office to obtain a land survey they have on file for your land. This survey will show the exact dimensions of the land. Once the surveyor has this information, they will use special equipment to determine if these dimensions are correct on your land. They will map the points with something like stakes or spray paint.

When the land surveyor is finished they will file the report with the county municipality and give you a copy of the report.

This is important because, if you want to build something on your land, such as a garage, fence, etc., your neighbor may say it crosses over onto their property. You will then have proof that it does not. If you do not know of any land surveyors in your area, talk with the builder that is building your home for you. They will likely be able to give you some names of surveyors that you can call.

Hire A Landscape Contractor

If you plan to do any kind of landscaping, hire a landscape contractor to come to your home. They can test your soil in different areas of the property to see if it needs any nutrients added. The landscape contractor can also determine the grade of the land. This helps them determine the best place to build your home on the property by where water will run when it rains. The last thing you want to have happen is for water to run towards your home instead of away from it.

You can ask the landscape contractor what flowers grow well in the area. If you need help, they can landscape your property for you. This will include planting trees, shrubs, and bushes. They will also develop flower gardens if you prefer.

You can set up a schedule with a landscape contractor to come to your home on a regular basis to mow, trim hedges, and take care of your flowers. If you would like to have a water feature, a retaining wall, or other type of structure, the landscape contractor can help you with these things as well.

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20 November 2017

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