Tips For Adding A Fire Pit To Your Yard

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A fire pit is a natural advantage in your yard. Not only does it create a cozy atmosphere, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors well into the evening and into the cold months. Fire pits come in numerous prefabricated and custom options. Find out how to add a fire pit to your yard.

Choose a Fire Pit Type

The two main types of fire pits are portable and built-in. Within those two types you have different styles.

With built-in fire pits, the traditional style is the fire ring or bonfire. As the names suggest, this style consists of a simple circle meant to emulate a naturalistic bonfire. These can be built up from the ground or fully submerged with only the fire showing above ground. Built up styles are usually stone or stone veneer.

Portable fire pits come in any size and numerous material options. However, a nice middle-ground option is the fire bowl. A cross between built-in and portable fire pits, a fire bowl is usually made of precast concrete.

Consider Fuel

The classic fuel for a fire pit is wood. It provides the traditional campfire atmosphere complete with a crackling fire and scent of burning wood. However, with burning wood comes smoke and embers.

As with grills, propane tanks have replaced actual burning material in some pits. The propane tanks fit into the base of the pit itself and are most common with prefabricated units.

Many custom fire pits are fitted to burn natural gas. These prove the convenience and safety of propane. However, because you're running a gas line to the pit, you can choose any style, even those without a base.

Estimate the Size

If you're opting for a built-in fire pit, an important consideration is the size. No matter the fuel material, your pit needs to be big enough to put off adequate heat without hindering conversation. According to the Landscaping Network, three to six feet for width is appropriate. The site also recommends keeping the pit walls between 18 to 20 inches if you want to sit on the edge. In that case, you'll want to ensure the edges are thick enough for perching comfortably.

Pick a Location

Another essential consideration is the location of your fire pit. It must be located in a place that's both comfortable and safe — the latter is important if you're burning wood. No matter the fuel, though, your pit should be placed in an area that makes sense for lounging and entertaining. Likewise, you'll want to ensure there's adequate space around the pit for sitting and moving around comfortably. Keep this in mind as you ponder the size of your fire pit to ensure you have allowed for enough space.

Look for a style of fire pit that complements your home, yard, and lifestyle, and then locate it where you can best enjoy it.


22 August 2017

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