Wallpaper: Popular Once More


If you're a fan of watching popular decorating shows on television, you have probably noticed wallpaper seems to be making a comeback. But these aren't your Grandma's wallpapers, with tiny calico prints, flowers, or flocked geometric patterns. Instead, wallpaper trends are leaning towards big, bold designs and quirky illustrations that don't have a pattern. And with all the advances that have been made in the decades since wallpaper was last in its heyday and enjoying popularity, the colors, prints, and designs are more precise and brighter than ever thanks to 3-D printing technology and inks. Here's what you need to know about using wallpaper in your home.

Don't Overdo It

Too much of any good thing is just that- too much. In the past, entire rooms were wallpapered, and once the walls were all covered, complementary ceiling borders were pasted in place, creating a mix-and-match look on all four walls that ended up overwhelming. Sometimes, even the furniture was done to match!

Instead, learn from the mistakes of the past and recognize all things in moderation are best in the end. Create a focus wall by using a bold patterned or metallic wallpaper on one wall, and then paint the other three walls instead in a color that will allow the focus wall to be the center of attention.

Choose Wise Applications

The wall behind the television and entertainment center in the family room is a good candidate for wallpaper; it can soften the look of all the electronics. The dining room is another good candidate for wallpaper. This room can be boring as it usually has limited furniture besides the table and chairs. The dining room is also a great candidate for doing a half wall of wallpaper and a half fall of paint, separated by either a textured border or chair rail. Bedrooms are also good candidates for wallpaper as they are low traffic areas.

The kitchen and bathroom areas used to not be the wisest choices for wallpaper. These rooms tend to be used a lot and are high in moisture. But this isn't as much as a concern anymore as technology has produced a better, stronger product. However, if you are going to choose wallpaper for one of these areas, be sure to consult the paint store's interior decorator to ensure you choose a durable paper made specifically for these areas. Wallpaper allows you to create just the design concept you are going for.

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27 July 2017

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