How Seamless Gutters Can Give You A Drier Basement

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What do gutters have to do with basements? Well, actually, there are definitive connections. If you have leaky gutters, you probably also have a wet basement. If you install seamless gutters, you will notice right away that your basement seems drier. Here is how seamless gutters can give you a drier basement:

Seamed Gutters and Rain Water

Seamed gutters leak. It is just the nature of the beast. Over time, and with freezing, expansion, and weight of ice and snow, the seams start pulling apart. This leaves an "escape hatch" for rainwater and melted snow and ice. Where does it all go when it leaks? All to the ground, right to your foundation. Then it finds its way through your foundation and into your basement. Voila! A wet basement is the result of leaky gutters.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are custom-made and molded to fit your roof exactly. They are constructed of one continuous piece of galvanized steel, meaning that there are no seams. Even the downspouts are seamless so that no water leaks out around the downspouts. (The downspouts are welded on instead of formed along with the gutters.)

No seams mean no leaks, ever. No leaks mean that there is no water dripping down and collecting around your foundation. No water collecting around your foundation means that there is no way this water will ever get inside your basement and make it wet. While the seamless gutters do not ensure a totally dry basement, they will prevent the addition of excess and unnecessary water from the roof. The seamless downspouts also share in this effort, because they channel the collected roof water away from the foundation too.

Ruling out the Gutters

Once you have installed seamless gutters, you can rule the gutters and downspouts out as the cause for a wet basement. Your gutters are no longer contributing to the problem. That means that if your basement is still wet, you can explore other reasons why the basement is wet/damp. While your roofing contractor can only help you with the gutters, a foundation contractor can help you uncover the reasons why you are still seeing water in your basement. 

Still, you should notice a drier basement immediately. As your basement dries out from one storm, and the next storm lands on your seamless gutters, you can check your basement for water seepage. The difference will be quite dramatic.

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7 July 2017

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