Hire a Professional Tree Trimmer to Maintain the Trees on Your Property

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As a homeowner with landscaped grounds, you periodically need to trim and maintain the trees on your property. Trees are a great benefit to your property, as they clean the air and provide oxygen to your home and grounds, offer shade and protection, cool the neighborhood, shield your property from ultraviolet rays, encourage wildlife, and provide countless other advantages. Hiring a professional tree trimmer is an essential part of maintaining the trees on your property. A professional tree trimmer can tell the age, health, and physical condition of each of your trees and know how to best maintain them. Here are some ways to work with a tree trimmer such as Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. to maintain the property around your home.

Inspect the Site

The first thing to do with a professional tree trimmer is to walk with them around your property to assess each of your trees. Explain what you would like to have done on your property now and what goals you have for your trees and property in the next ten to twenty years. 

Trim Trees Aesthetically

Request that your trees be trimmed with their current and long-term health and beauty in mind. Tell your tree trimmer if you want certain trees to grow tall or wish specific trees to remain compact and small. 

Remove Dead Trees and Limbs

Discuss the physical condition of each of your trees with your tree trimmer. Dead trees and tree limbs can be hazards, as they can fall at any time. As a professional tree expert, your tree trimmer will be able to tell you whether a tree should be removed or can continue to grow with proper maintenance. Ask your tree trimmer to remove all dead and dying trees and tree limbs in your yard as well as any trees that may become hazards in the coming months or years. 

Encourage New Tree Growth

Discuss your ideas and goals for your property and ask your professional tree trimmer to recommend new trees that could be planted in your yard. You can also ask your tree trimmer to recommend a natural tree food that you can spread around your trees to encourage their health and growth. Ask your tree trimmer whether he or she thinks that your trees can get enough water naturally from local precipitation or that you should install a water pipe near your trees so that you can water the tree roots by hand. 

Clean Up and Dispose of Cut Trees, Branches, and Limbs

Ask your tree trimmer how he or she will dispose of the cut trees, limbs, and branches of your trees. If desired, have your tree trimmer remove the tree cuttings when they leave your property. If this is not possible, ask for recommendations for a hauling service that can do the job. If you would like to keep the cut trees, limbs, and branches, have your tree trimmer cut them to the size you want so that you can easily use these cuttings in your home fireplace or outdoor fire pit. Show your tree trimmer where and how you want all of the tree cuttings stacked after they are cut. 

A professional tree trimmer will keep all of your goals and ideas in mind as he trims and maintains the trees on your property. As a homeowner, it is good to keep a running dialogue with your tree trimmer as he works to maintain your yard. With continued communication, you can have a beautiful yard immediately and in the years to come. 


19 January 2017

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