Eco-Friendly Interior Demolition Tips

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Interior demolition typically involves the destruction of anything standing in the way of the remodeling or renovation process. But when sledgehammers start swinging, many household components get damaged that could have had a second life. Charity organizations and individuals who prefer to buy used instead of new can make good use of older house features. Instead of tearing everything to shreds during demolition, consider these eco-friendly interior demolition tips.

Save Light Fixtures

Old light fixtures can be removed and preserved using uninstallation practices instead of breaking them off the wall or ceiling.  Simply turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker and unscrew the fixtures. Place in a cardboard box, being careful to wrap glass covers in newspaper or bubble wrap.

Preserve Cabinetry

Old kitchen cabinets are popular with home craftsmen, hobbyists, or with anyone looking to add a little extra storage space in their basement or laundry room. To preserve cabinets during a residential demolition project, first locate the hardware that secures the cabinet to the wall. Unscrew as needed. Have a buddy hold the other end of the cabinet as you lift it away from the wall and onto the floor. Try to keep like cabinets together, for organizations that might be in the process of putting together a new kitchen for a needy family.

Save a Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors are still popular in smaller apartments and homes where the illusion of more space is desired. These mirrors are adhered to the wall, and are difficult to remove. For that reason, many interior demolition crews just smash the mirror until it's gone. You can actually save these mirrors with a little trick. Heat the front of the mirror with a blow dryer or heat gun. This melts the adhesive behind the mirror, and with minimal prying with a straight edge, the mirror should release from the wall. Be ready with a soft blanket or furniture cover to lay the mirror on. Wrap the mirror in the soft blanket for safe transport to a facility that accepts demolition materials in good condition for reuse at another location.

Lift Flooring

Hardwood floors are expensive to buy new, and they use a valuable resource to make. Save any hardwood flooring at your demolition project by carefully using a pry bar to lift individual slats. The first slat will be the hardest to lift, but if you can locate one near the edge of the wall, you might be able to find a good spot to insert the pry bar. Store the saved slats in a labeled, cardboard box so the next person to use them will know exactly what they are looking at.

These tips are a great way to save materials and items that will be much valued by another homeowner or charitable organization. Talk to a professional, such as Earths Products, for more information. 


12 December 2016

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