Troubleshooting A Shaking Or Sticking Garage Door


Your garage door should open smoothly each time you activate the automatic garage door opener. If your garage door begins to stick or catch, shimmy, or shake, you have an issue. Fortunately, many of the root causes of these problems can be fixed relatively simply, so they aren't cause for a new door or automatic opener. The following guide can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Check the tracks

One of the simplest to repair causes of a sticking or shaking garage door is track problems. Begin by making sure the tracks and the door rollers that rest inside the tracks are clean. You can remove leaves and other detritus with a broom. Hosing out the tracks with water will finish the job.

Once the tracks are clear of debris, check to make sure they aren't bent or otherwise damaged. If they are, you will need to have the track repaired or replaced so that the door can travel smoothly through again. Also, make sure that none of the bolts securing the track to your garage door frame are missing or loose, and replace or tighten those that are.

Lubricate the door

Sticking can also be caused by loss of lubrication. After cleaning the tracks, place a small amount of a garage door lubricant on the wheels of the garage door. Also, lubricate the hinges on the door. Finally, wipe a small amount of lubricant into the track itself.

Now, open and close the door a few times so that the lubricant works its way through all the moving parts of the garage door.

Replace the rollers

The rollers can become damaged over time, which causes them to bounce and shake the door as they roll up the tracks. Check the rollers when you are lubricating the door to make sure they are smooth and in good condition. Simply replacing a damaged roller can lead to smoother operation.

Check door alignment

Over time a garage door may become unaligned. This can lead to shimmying and shaking and in some cases may even cause the door to stick. To check the alignment, disconnect the automatic opener. Then open the door slowly, letting it go at chest height. The door should remain open or close no more than a few inches. If it closes completely or if one end sags more than the other, then the tracks will need to be realigned.

You can do this yourself by loosening the mounting screws that hold the track in place and moving the track slightly until the door stays open and level when you test it.

For more help, contact a commercial garage door service contractor in your area such as Shank Door.


11 October 2016

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