How To Change Your Bathroom Baseboard

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Getting the most for your money is the key to any commercial remodel. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective project to do at minimal cost, you should consider updating the baseboard in your bathrooms. All the moisture in the bathrooms can cause the wooden baseboard to wear out quickly. When your baseboard looks old and dilapidated, the entire room will too. Here is  how to remove your current baseboard and install a new product.

Remove the Old Baseboard

You want to remove your baseboard without causing any collateral damage to your floor or wall. First, use a razor blade to cut through the caulk that seals the baseboard to the wall. Then, you can use a hammer to knock a flathead screwdriver behind the baseboard. You should be able to pull the screwdriver away from the wall to pry the baseboard off. Lastly, scrape away any residual caulk still stuck to the wall or floor.

Install the New Baseboard

At this point, you are basically ready to install your new product. It is worth noting that this job is much easier if your new baseboard is taller then the product you just removed. That way, it will cover any lines, fading, or caulk that would otherwise be visible.

While the installation of baseboard is simple, you will need to use a pneumatic nail gun and a miter saw. If you don't own or know how to use these tools, you can easily rent them. Make sure you use a compound saw that allows you to cut angled pieces. For instance, where two pieces of baseboard meet in the corner of a room, you want to cut two 45° angles. This allows the molding design to match up perfectly and look seamless. The key to using a nail gun is ensuring that you have the pressure on the right setting. If the pressure is too high, the nail could shoot all the way through the wood. However, if it is too low, the nailhead will stick out.

Also, it is best to shoot through the thickest part of the wood. The nail gun will leave behind small holes that you can't simply cover up just by dabbing a little bit of caulk over them. You also want to caulk the upper edge of the baseboard, where it meets the wall. It is not always necessary to caulk bottom edge, but it can make it look nicer if you want to do it. In the end, you will probably be surprised how new baseboards can have such a huge effect on the style of your bathroom.

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11 October 2016

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