A Custom Gateway Entrance For Your Residence Or Business Property

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A well-designed gate for a residence or business is a distinctive asset that can add interest, value, and security to your property. A wrought iron or wood gate can be created in a classic design motif or you can design a gate yourself and have it custom made for your entryway. Here are some features that can be included in a custom gate for your residence or business property:

Gate Opening and Closing - A custom wrought iron or wood gate can be created to electronically swing open or slide open in any direction. A keypad and a two-way voice communication system can also be installed so that strangers or unexpected guests can announce themselves and ask for permission to enter. A custom gate can be programmed to open only wide enough for a person to walk through or open wide enough for a vehicle to enter. 

Gate Design - Your family crest, business logo, or property name can be incorporated into the three-dimensional design of a wrought iron or wood gate. Thematic images can also be included in your wrought iron or wood gate design such as animals, trees, plants, mountains, and other desired images. 

Delivery Options - A custom gate can be created with an attached weatherproof container for mail or package delivery. This container can be electronically wired so that a courier must announce themselves to someone inside the residence or business and ask them to open the container so they can leave mail or a package. 

Lighting - A custom gate can be electronically wired to display lights at night or during inclement weather. Spotlights can be mounted at the top or bottom of the gate to illuminate the gate itself and programmed to go on automatically when daylight light is low. Additional auxiliary lights can be installed to go on whenever someone walks too close to the gate or tries to open it after it has been closed and locked. 

Security - A custom gate can be electronically wired for security when activated on a control panel inside the gate. This security feature can prevent strangers and unexpected guests from touching or trying to open the gate without the gate being disarmed. The gate can alert strangers and unannounced guests with a voice message or an alarm signal. This feature is most effective when coupled with auxiliary security lights and cameras. 

Backup Power Options - A custom gate can be installed with solar panels or backup batteries to provide electricity to the gate when there is a power outage in the area. This backup power supply can make sure that you, your family, and your employees can have access to your property at all times. 

If you have a residence or business, you can distinguish your property entrance with a custom wrought iron or wood gate. Discuss your design and security considerations with your building contractor, who can advise you of all possible options and build the perfect gate for your residential or business property. Contact a company like Carter Fence Co to get started.


11 October 2016

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