Getting The Home Ready For Monsoon Season

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When the word "monsoon" is mentioned, many people think of far away exotic locales. What many do not realize is that there is monsoon season right here in the US. The North American Monsoon starts around June 15th every year and brings moisture and thunderstorms up through Mexico into parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. The thunderstorms associated with the monsoon can mean a lot of rain in a short period of time in areas that usually don't get a lot of precipitation. Here are three ways to get a home ready for monsoon season.

Take A Look At Rain Gutters

One issue that many homeowners run into during the monsoon season is clogged or damaged rain gutters. Checking the gutters for damage and fixing them before the rain starts is always a good idea. It may also be time for replacement. There are plenty of options for gutters at a variety of prices. Vinyl gutters are the least expensive option, coming in at $3 to $5 per lineal foot. The drawback is that vinyl does become brittle with age. On the other end of the spectrum is copper, which is very durable and does not rust. However, it's one of the most expensive options at $15 to $25 a foot. Aluminum gutters and galvanized steel fall in between vinyl and copper in terms of price and durability.

Check The Roof

While inspecting or replacing the rain gutters, it may be a good idea to check on the condition of the roof. Shingles on roofs can become cracked or go missing, which can allow water to get inside the home and cause damage. Fixing a few broken shingles can cost as little as a $100 and can be well worth the cost. It's also a good idea to consider a full roof replacement before the monsoon gets underway. This can cost on average between $4,663 and $8,951

Look To The Ground

Once the roof is taken care of, it's time to look down at the surrounding landscape. Erosion, especially for properties near or on hillsides, can be a huge issue when it rains a lot. It may be time to shore up the foundation of the home, something which can cost thousands of dollars. There are less expensive ways to deal with erosion on the surrounding property. Adding plants building barriers can control erosion near the home.

The time before monsoon season in the Southwest US is a great time to assess the home and make sure it is ready for the rain. Homeowners should consider looking at their rain gutters, the roof, and checking the landscape for erosion before the rain begins. For more information and help with inspection and repair, contact professional contractors in the area, such as those at Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters.


26 July 2016

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