4 Ways To Cool Off Your Office


If you find that it is getting a little too warm in your office in the afternoons, it might be time to think of ways to cool off the space. When you start heating up, it makes it difficult to concentrate, so it is best not to just deal with the higher temperatures. Here are some different ways to cool off your office.

Choose Your Window Treatments Wisely

You can start cooling off your office by choosing the right types of window treatments and using them the right way. First of all, if you have blinds, check to see how much sunlight filters through them even while closed. Some blinds have slats that don't quite come together, so even when they are closed, some heat is getting inside the building. A better option is a set of shutters where the slats are overlapping tightly when closed, such as plantation shutters. If you want to go with shades, choose ones where one side is a dark color and the other side is a light color. During the hot months, keep the light color facing outside so it reflects the light and heat.

Remove All Unnecessary Lighting

While you should have a good amount of lighting in the office for focusing on your work, you may have all the lights turned on when they really aren't needed. Try turning off some of the lights then seeing how much illumination you have. This can really help to keep the temperature down, especially if you are using harsh light bulbs. You can also try switching from harsh incandescent lights to the softer fluorescent light bulbs. As an added benefit, this also helps you to reduce energy consumption in the office.

Use a Laptop Cooling Pad

If you use a laptop, it probably heats up fast and causes you to feel hotter. This is true whether the laptop is actually on your lap, or on your desk. You should reduce heat in every way possible, which often means cooling off that laptop. One great way to do this is by placing it on top of a cooling pad. This helps to prevent your body temperature from increasing if it is placed on your lap or your arms are resting against it while you work. It can also keep it from heating up your immediate work area.

Install a Commercial Air Conditioner

Fans are often not enough to cool off an office on a hot, summer day, so if that is all you have, it is time to upgrade. There are different types of commercial air conditioners available, including split systems and central air. Central systems are great because all rooms of the building are cooled off at the same time, it has a programmable thermostat, and it also comes with heating. With a split-system air conditioner, it reduces time and cost of installation since it doesn't use ducts and is more affordable. Contact a company like Robinson Heating & Cooling Inc for more information.


23 June 2016

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