How A Cool Roof Helps You Stay Comfortable In The Summer Heat

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If your house is too warm in the summer or if your air conditioning bill is too high, you may benefit from having cool roof coating applied over your existing roof. There are several benefits to having one of these cool roofs, but the best one is that it may lower the temperature of your roof by as much as 50 degrees. That means your house will stay cooler and your air conditioner won't have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. Here are a few things to know about cooling down your home with this type of coating.

Coating Can Be Applied To Your Existing Roof

If you need to install a new roof, then you may want to buy a roofing material that has the cool coating already applied at the factory. However, if your current roof has several years of life in it, then you can just have the coating applied on top of it. The coating may extend the life of your roof because it protects the shingles from UV rays and intense heat, but it cannot repair roof damage that has already occurred. You'll want to have repairs done to your roof first, so the shingles are flat and secure.

Cool coating goes on just like paint. It can be applied with a long-handled brush, or it can be sprayed from a canister. The coating is white, and it may also contain small reflective particles for added sun protection. Once the coating is in place and dry, it forms a continuous seal on top of your roof.

The Coating Reflects The Sun And Blocks Heat Transfer

Since the coating is white, it reflects the sun's rays. This is unlike a typical dark roof that absorbs the energy from the sun and builds up heat over the course of the day. With the cool coating in place, there will be less heat transfer from the roof into your attic. You may not need to use your air conditioner as often to keep your home cool, and that means lower energy bills during the summer. Also, the cool roof coating is ideal for parts of your home not connected to the HVAC unit such as your garage or an enclosed porch. A cooler garage means there is less risk of heat damage to the belongings you keep stored in there. It also makes it more comfortable to use the space as a work area without getting too hot.

Cool Roof Coating Improves The Appearance Of An Old Roof

If your roof is in good physical shape, but it is stained or shiny in spots from a loss of granules, then the roof coating can enhance the appearance of your roof by brightening the color and giving it a uniform appearance. White goes with just about any color scheme and type of architecture. The coating can be applied to roofs of all types whether they are flat, steep, asphalt, or tile. Since the coating is a continuous seal once it is dry, it acts as a barrier against rain too, so it also improves the function of your roof while improving its appearance. It's much cheaper to have coating applied than to put on a new roof, especially if the only problems with your roof are cosmetic. Cool roof coating gives your home a fresh, updated look that improves its curb appeal.

You can buy cool roof coating at a home improvement store and apply it yourself if you have experience with home improvement projects and you feel safe working on your roof. Otherwise, it's best to hire a contractor, like Heritage painting & Waterproofing, to do the job so your roof will look its best when the coating is dry. If you're not sure if a cool roof is worthwhile in your climate, you can have a contractor run the calculations for you. He or she will take into account several things such as the size of your home, number of levels in the home, type of roof, pitch of roof, ventilation in your attic, attic insulation, efficiency of your HVAC unit, and local temperature trends to give you an idea of how much cooler the coating will make your home and how much it will save on your energy bill.


3 June 2016

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