Remove A Damaged Evergreen From Your Property And Plant A New Tree In The Same Area


If a young evergreen tree on your property was struck by lighting and is severely damaged as a result, remove it by completing the following steps. Once the tree has been eliminated, plant another evergreen in the same spot and add mulch around it to help the soil that surrounds it retain moisture and to prevent weeds from growing near the trunk.


  • shovel
  • power saw
  • wheelbarrow
  • replacement tree
  • topsoil 
  • rake
  • mulch
  • garden hose
  • thin pieces of rope
  • sharp scissors

Remove The Damaged Tree

Use a large shovel to loosen the soil that surrounds the damaged evergreen's base. Once the trunk is wobbly, grasp it with both hands and pull upwards. If the tree is too heavy to lift on your own, have a friend assist you. Otherwise, use a power saw to cut up the trunk or parts of the root system that are stuck in the ground. Place debris from the tree removal in a wheelbarrow and move it to the side of your property so that it can be disposed of after the new tree is planted. 

Plant The New Tree

Dig a hole that is large enough for the new tree's root system. If the hole where the damaged tree was located is a similar size, the new tree can be planted in it, as well. Once the root system is placed into the ground, fill in the hole with topsoil. Use pieces of rope to stabilize the tree's trunk, since it could take days for the roots to take hold underground. After tying pieces of rope around the trunk, tie the opposite end of each piece to a stable item that is located nearby. 

Add Mulch Around The Base

Flatten the dirt that is around the base of the tree with the back of a shovel. Use a rake to smooth out the ground if it is uneven. Add plenty of water around the base of the tree with a garden hose. Add shovelfuls of mulch around the base of the tree. Spread the mulch out so that it is an even thickness.

The mulch will complement the beauty of the tree and will help soil that surrounds it retain moisture. The mulch will also prevent weeds from growing next to the tree. Water the tree several times a week. Once you notice that the tree is growing larger and the trunk isn't wobbly, remove the pieces of rope that were used to stabilize the tree. 


29 April 2016

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