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Are you frustrated because a busted plumbing pipe filled the basement of your recently purchased house with water? There is likely a sump pump in the basement floor that is not functioning as it should, and you might want to invest in a new one or get it repaired to prevent the same problem from happening again. In case you are new to owning a home that has a sump pump, the information in this article will give you more insight on how they can be problematic.

1. The Cause of a Malfunctioning Sump Pump

One of the main things that can lead to a sump pump not functioning as it should is when there is a problem with the discharge lines. Basically, problems with the discharge lines can be due to something creating a blockage that is preventing water from flowing out of the basement. For instance, there can be debris like trash and sticks creating a blockage. Dirt can also get inside of a sump pump and block the flow of water. During freezing temperatures, a sump pump can become blocked due to water turning into ice.

2. Why a Bad Sump Pump Must Be Repaired

You don't want to leave the sump pump in your basement in a bad condition. If it is unable to be repaired, it is important to invest in a new one as soon as possible. A sump pump is beneficial to your basement because it will not only drain out water, but it can also prevent the items in your basement from getting damaged. Allowing even a small amount of water to sit in the basement for a long time can lead to mold growing, which can cause health problems. Another reason why you must make sure a sump pump is able to function is to prevent water from short-circuiting appliances and possibly causing a fire when you least expect it to happen.

3. Installing a New Sump Pump

If you need a new sump pump, it is important for a sump pump to be installed by a professional because water might not properly drain out if done by an amateur. For instance, the discharge lines must have a check valve connected to them in order for them to properly function. If water is unable to drain, it creates a lot of pressure that can lead to the propeller rotating backwards. It is possible for the propeller to get detached when it rotates backwards. Hire a contractor like those found at to inspect the sump pump in your basement and determine it you need a new one or not.


29 April 2016

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