Four Landscape Improvement Projects To Drastically Change The Exterior Of Your Home

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If you want to renovate the exterior of your home, there are many things that you can do. Doing home renovations can be costly, but redecorating landscaping can be an affordable improvement. You can do things like build planters, add privacy screens and create decorative structures. Here are some landscaping improvements that you may want to try to give the exterior of your home a makeover:

1. Add Privacy To The Patio With Simple Wood Screens

If your home is open in the backyard, you may want to consider solutions to add more privacy. This can be done with the addition of privacy screens. You can get these sections premade from a building supply service like N.Z. Cramer & Son Inc | Building Supplies, so all you will have to do is set a couple of posts to screw them to. When you install the posts, dig a hole to and set them in concrete to make sure the screen is sturdy.

2. Build Planters To Create Green Space, Bench Seating And Planting Areas

Building planters can be another great project to makeover your backyard. You can do this with simple treated materials from a building supplier. You will just want to build square boxes with decking materials. You can line the interior with construction plastic to prevent water and dirt from leaking out. To create benches, use the planters and create a seat between two of them with decking boards.

3. Install Trellises To Cover Unsightly Chain Link Fence And Other Features

Trellises can be another great premanufactured product to use for your projects. If you have unsightly features like chain link fencing, the trellises can be used to plant climbing plants to cover the fence. It can also be good for things like retaining walls and other features that you want to hide with something that is more attractive.

4. Give Your Home A Different Look With Arbors And Decorative Structures

Decorative structures can also be fun projects to do for your home's exterior. This is something that covers and entrance to the backyard, such as an archway made of lattice. You can also build arbors to help create shaded areas. Many of these materials you can get in premade dimensions, so all you have to do is put them together to install them.

These are some landscaping projects that you may want to consider to makeover the exterior of your home. If you are ready to start with some of these projects, contact a building materials supplier to get everything you need to get started with your first project.


5 February 2016

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