When Do You Need A Residential Architect?

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If you are currently looking to remodel or build your home, you may be trying decide between a custom builder and an architect. An architect typically has more creative design experience than a builder, though they are both sufficient at different types of design and building projects. However, there are some instances when hiring a residential architect is a good idea, particularly when you want something unique. Here are some reasons you might need an architect.

You Want a Custom Home on an Empty Lot

One of the biggest reasons to choose an architect is when you are not only starting the home from scratch on an empty lot, but when you want a truly custom home. If you are going for something unique and built just for you, but you aren't really sure exactly what you want, get an architect. Custom builders can also build homes from the ground up, but they are a better option when you have a good idea about how you want the home to look inside and out. Architects are great at taking cues from you and creating a home that will be perfect for your family and your lifestyle.

You Have Sufficient Space for a Truly Unique Home

The size of the home you intend to build can also make a difference. If you are simply adding on a unique element to your home, go with a builder. However, if you have a large area to build the home or have a large, luxury home that you want to completely remodel to look different and unique, consider hiring a residential architect. The large, impressive homes are usually created by experienced architects.

You Have the Budget for an Architect

Also have a look at your overall budget, not just for the design and building, but materials as well. If you have enough left in your budget to hire an architect, by all means do so. Keep in mind that hiring an architect to design your new home or make a massive remodel is considerably higher than even the best custom builder. Don't struggle financially just because you want an architect, but it was hard to fit it into your home building budget. However, if you have the budget to afford an architect, you will be glad you make the choice.

You Have Unique Needs for the Home

You may have some needs that are a little beyond what a builder can handle, which is when hiring an architect is a better idea. For example, you might want to use all recycled materials and have an extremely green home. This might be better suited to an architect who can work with alternative materials for the design. If you have other unique needs, such as a site that is oddly-shaped, that is another good reason to get an architect.


14 January 2016

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