A/C Tips: Easy Peasy Maintenance Guide & Signs Of Trouble

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You want to ensure that your air conditioning system lasts as long as it should, so you have your service specialist check your machine as usual. But, is that all you can do? Nope, you can also do a little maintenance and know some common signs of trouble.

Simple Maintenance Tips

You should know that with regular maintenance, and help from your air conditioning system specialist, your air conditioner could last approximately 20 years.

Consider the following:

​The Air Filter

The first thing you should remember to do is replace your air filter. Experts (follow link for steps to change the filter) suggest that you change your air filter every month, or every three months, depending on the filter you use. You can talk to your air conditioner specialist for a more exact time, or check the filter manufacturer's instructions.

Remember that you might need to change your filter every two weeks during spring or high wind season due to the increase of debris in the air. 

The Exterior Condenser/Compressor

Another compartment that you can take care of is the exterior condenser/compressor. Consider the following steps to take care of this task:

  1. Turn your air conditioning system off, or shut down the breaker feeding your air conditioner.
  2. Use a screwdriver or wrench to remove the fan grill on top of the condenser/compressor unit. You should recognize it easily; it is usually attached to a small fan. 
  3. Use your garden hose to clean off any debris from the fin grill.
  4. Check the fins to make sure that none of them are bent out of shape. You can straighten them using a thin metal object. 
  5. Reattach the fan grill, and you are done.

This should be performed as needed, or you can talk to your air conditioner system specialist.

Signs Of Trouble

Be weary of the following signs:

  • The first tell sign is insufficient cooling, which could be related to several things, like a clogged filter.
  • Your machine might suck up more energy than usual to deliver the coolness you are used to. Keep an eye on that electrical bill.
  • Leaks on your condenser/compressor.
  • Part of your home is cooled while another is not, which could be related to thermostat issues.

Talk to your air conditioner system's specialist regarding these symptoms so that he or she could help get your machine in good shape again. But, you can see how knowing a few things about your air conditioner system is a good idea.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning repair company. 


27 December 2015

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