3 Advantages Of Finishing Your Basement

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An unfinished basement may provide a good storage area and provide space for your washer and dryer, but a finished basement can provide so many more advantages. Whether you just purchased a house with an unfinished basement or you have lived in one for years, finishing and remodeling your basement has a number of benefits. The biggest advantages of working with a contractor to finish your basement include:

Additional Living Space

As a family grows, it is not uncommon for a home that once once a perfect size to start to feel too small. If you and your family are starting to feel a little cramped, you don't necessarily have to move-- just refinish the basement. There are so many options when it comes to refinishing a basement; you can opt to create a second living room, a play room, a media room, or extra bedrooms and bathrooms. Whatever layout you choose for your finished basement, your family is sure to enjoy the extra space.

Good Return on Your Investment

Finishing a basement is a remodeling project that adds value to your home and offers a good return on your investment. On average, you can expect to recoup 72.8% of what you spend on the project when you sell your home. That means that you and your family can spend years enjoying the extra space, and then you will get a good portion of the construction expenses back when you decide to move. If you choose to add extra bedrooms and bathrooms to your basement, that can also make your home more desirable to future buyers who are searching for homes with a lot of bedrooms.

Create a Multi-Generational Home

Being able to finish an unfinished basement is an excellent option for anyone who may have other family members live with them at some point. In this day and age, multi-generational homes are becoming more popular as older parents live with and are cared for by their adult children. A basement space could easily be finished into a small, self-contained living space with a bedroom, bathroom, and small kitchenette. This type of layout can make it much easier for all parties to live together peacefully. You can also create a self-contained living space in your basement as a place for your college-aged children to live so they can have a sense of independence without the expense of moving out to an apartment and paying high rent while in school.

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1 September 2015

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