4 Signs Of A Failing Septic System That Will Need Repairs

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Septic tanks are needed to treat waste for homes without a sewer service. They require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure they work. Sometimes, a lack of maintenance and outdated systems can fail and cause problems. The problems can range from plumbing problems in the home to smelly puddles in landscaping. Here are some signs that there are problems with your septic tank:

1. Slow Plumbing Drains And Strange Sounds

One of the first signs that you have a problem with the septic system is slow drains. This is usually because the septic tank has become full and the lines are backing up. It may just be that your tank needs to be pumped. If the tank is not pumped in time, the problem can continue to the drain field where solid waste can begin to cause the drainage system to fail.

2. Plumbing Backing Up After Heavy Rains

Another problem can be when plumbing only backs up during heavy rains. This can be due to several reasons, such as problems with the drainage field. It can also be caused by drainage systems that are connected to the septic tank, such a foundation drain. You can have a dry well installed for things like foundation and landscaping drainage. 

3. Signs Of Sinkholes Around The Tank Location

Tanks can also become old and collapse or be damaged. A sign of this is a sinkhole or indentation in the grading. It may not always be obvious, and can be something as simple as a damaged cover. It can also be more serious, such as the collapsing of a concrete tank. If you notice this problem, mark off the area to prevent people from getting near it and contact a septic service.

4. Soggy, Smelly Lawn Near The Area Of Tanks And Drain Field

If you have a soft and soggy lawn, even when the weather is dry, this is most likely a sign of a drain field problem. This can happen due to things like collapsed drain tiles, which do not allow for water to drain properly. It can also be because of an overburdened septic tank that sends too much affluent to the drainage system.

These are some of the signs that there are problems with your septic system. If your septic system is failing, contact a septic repair contractor like McDermott Septic Tank Pumping to get the help you need repairing your system to avoid more damage and costs.


27 August 2015

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