Advantages Of An Asphalt Driveway


When it's time to spruce up your home's exterior, don't forget to notice the condition of your driveway. A driveway makes a huge impact on your home's curb appeal, but it's often overlooked when it comes time to fund outdoor projects. If your driveway is a spiderweb of cracks, chips, and missing chunks, call on the services of a local asphalt contractor to get it looking new again. Asphalt driveways have distinct advantages over other popular materials. 

Quick Turnaround

Depending upon outdoor temperatures and humidity, an asphalt driveway goes down much more quickly. It also takes less time to cure than concrete. Concrete typically takes days to cure, where an asphalt drive can be ready for use in just a matter of hours. This saves labor costs, as well as time. 


Asphalt gives the contractor a little more room for error. Whereas concrete must be mixed to exact proportions and then spread meticulously to keep it from developing defects, asphalt isn't nearly so temperamental. Asphalt is less prone to cracking and chipping than concrete, and it goes down much more easily. 


If you think of black or gray when you envision an asphalt driveway, it's time to widen your knowledge. Asphalt can easily be colored to add interest to your driveway. Two methods of coloring asphalt are currently available:

  • Hot Mix: Color that's introduced during the installation process.
  • Sealer: Color that's painted on a completed drive after installation.

The hot-mix version of colored concrete is more permanent, whereas sealers must be applied and reapplied throughout the life of your driveway. Colored sealants can be quite expensive as well, but the range of color is greater when you use sealer. 

If you opt for colored asphalt, expect to expend a little more energy on maintenance over time. Coloring your asphalt drive also limits its ability to melt snow and ice, since black asphalt absorbs the heat from the sun in winter. 


If you do notice cracks or fissures forming in your asphalt driveway, fixing them is as easy as applying a crack sealer that you can purchase at most home centers and apply yourself. Concrete, on the other hand, typically requires the services of a professional to repair. 

Curb appeal affects more than just your status with the neighbors. It's also a huge factor in your home's resale value, and the condition of your driveway matters. Make sure yours is up to the challenge. For more information, contact an asphalt contractor like Star Paving.


30 July 2015

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