3 Rules Of Thumb For Furnace Maintenance


When it comes to taking care of your furnace, there are some valuable tips that you can follow that will get you through the cold seasons. These tips will help you to take care of your furnace inside and out, while also getting the utmost in furnace repair and maintenance from professionals. With this in mind, read the information below and use it to your advantage. 

Inspecting And Maintaining The Exterior Furnace Unit

If you want to be sure that your furnace is properly looked after, you should start with the exterior unit. There are a number of key pieces of maintenance that will ensure that you receive the highest quality of maintenance possible, starting outside. For instance, clean the dirt and grime out of the coils, so that the motor doesn't become clogged. Also, open up the drain pan and make sure that it is free and unobstructed, so that the system is not backed up with moisture. Further, keep the area near the exterior unit well manicured, free of grass and other plants, so that it gives you the best performance. 

Inspecting And Maintaining The Interior Furnace Unit

Once you are sure that your exterior unit checks out, you will need to inspect the interior system. Pull the filter and make sure that it is clean and not clogged. A backed up filter will make your heater work too hard, which will increase your bills and wear it down over time. Clean out the drain line and make sure that your airways are free of dust. When possible, spray these airways down with an anti-mold cleaner. Inspect your thermostat, also, to make sure that it is responsive without hesitation and that your temperatures are properly calibrated. 

Hire A Furnace Repair Professional For A Preseason Tune Up

When you want to make it through the cold seasons, call up a furnace repair contractor to get the best service possible. They will check all components to make sure they're in order, and can make necessary repairs, so that your furnace is operating at its best throughout the months. This will keep you nice and warm, and can also help you lower your utility costs, since a well tuned furnace is a non-wasteful furnace. Make sure you call a technician who works with the brand of furnace you have. For instance, if you have a Trane furnace, call an HVAC specialist who regularly services this brand.

Follow these rules of thumb accordingly, so that you are getting the maximum comfort in your home during the winter, thanks to excellent furnace maintenance. 


9 July 2015

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