Four Ways to Make Your Granite Countertops Unique

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Are you interested in a lovely granite countertop, but concerned that it may seem "cliched"? Granite countertops are exceptionally popular for many reasons, including being durable and attractive, but that also means that they might not seem that exciting. There are some ways you can jazz up your counter to create a unique and interesting design.

1. Natural Edging

Natural edging gives a free-flowing effect to the edges of the granite -- rather than ending in a smooth, flat edge, the granite instead curves in and out naturally like uncut stone. Natural edging is a fantastic addition to a down-to-earth kitchen, and can be paired with exotic hardwoods for an even more rustic, cabin-like feel. Natural edging is used to best effect on kitchen islands, where the counter edge can extend towards all sides.

2. Etched Patterns

Etched patterns, whether modern and clean or complex and detailed, can liven up any piece of granite. Etching is done very lightly, creating a dulled surface which contrasts with the high-polished sheen of the rest of the granite. It is still just as well-sealed and protected as the rest of the granite, but allows you to create any pattern you desire on the surface. Consider adding a pattern in a theme, such as art deco or country living.

3. Granite Tiles

Granite doesn't always have to come in a single slab. Not only is it cheaper to use granite tiles, but it can also give your counter a more interesting appearance. Granite tiles are installed just as any other tile, but usually use smaller grout lines to avoid breaking up the flow of the granite. You can even create complicated patterns by using different colors, such as a black-and-white checkerboard.

4. Granite Sides

If you really want to give your kitchen a luxurious appearance, consider letting the granite "bleed" over the sides of the counter, either part way or all the way down to the floor. Granite sides seamlessly blended into a gorgeous granite counter will give a modern, polished appearance that's also easier to clean and maintain. Pair with some natural edging for a "melting" look.

Your contractors should have even more ideas about how you can best customize and improve upon your granite countertops. Don't think that the only granite countertops available are simply thick slabs of stone; there are many contractors like Sandia Marble who are doing extremely inventive things with this versatile and attractive material.


25 June 2015

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