About The Importance Of Getting Your Septic Tank System Cleaned

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Do you have a septic tank system that you never get pumped? You may want to get the system cleaned because failing to do so can lead to it not working as it should, which could lead to wastewater flooding your landscape. In this article, learn about the importance of keeping a septic tank system clean and what a professional charges to pump it out.

What Can Happen If a Septic Tank System Is Left Unclean?

A septic tank system is designed to distribute the wastewater throughout the soil without it accumulating and creating a flood. Basically, the system has a drainfield built underneath the soil that contains a lot of pipes. The pipes are constructed with multiple holes in them to allow wastewater to slowly seep into the soil. The reason the process is slow is to prevent your landscape from becoming saturated in wastewater. However, the drainfield is irrelevant if you allow the septic tank to become too full.

When wastewater fills the septic tank, it is separated into three different layers. The layers include the solids that sink to the bottom and the ones that float to the top of the water. In the middle of the solids is where the liquid sits. The liquids flow out of the tank into the drainfield, but it is hard when you never get the tank pumped. Solids that are not consumed naturally by bacteria can remain in the tank and prevent the liquids from flowing out freely.

It is also a good idea to get the drainfield pipes cleaned when the tank is pumped. There are a few septic tank pumping companies that will automatically clean the drainfield pipes when servicing the tank. It will just depend on who is hired for the job.

What Does It Cost for a Professional to Clean a Septic Tank?

You can get your septic tank pumped by a professional for as low as $75, and you may want to get it done at least every year or so. However, if you want a more thorough cleaning that involves the drainfield lines getting cleaned and more, you should expect to spend $2,000 or more.

Don't allow solid materials from in wastewater to sit in your septic tank for a long time. You don't want to end up with backed up plumbing fixtures and wastewater all over the ground. Hire a septic cleaning company to get the solids out of your tank! For more information, contact a company like American Pumping Service.


13 May 2015

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