Liven Up Your Yard By Choosing The Right Landscaping To Surround Your Pool

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If you want your yard to look beautiful with the warm weather of summer ahead, it's a good idea to look into how you should landscape the space surrounding your pool and patio. A lot of people rush into landscaping with only appearance in mind, later being disappointed by the amount of leaves and shrubbery finding its way into the pool. In order to make your outdoor space more inviting and to keep the pool clean, consider the following tips for landscaping.

Stick with All-Season Trees

Trees can quickly become a mess for your yard, shedding leaves and other debris into the pool throughout some parts of the year. In order for you to prevent this, you'll want to look for trees that do well in each season and won't produce a lot of litter. Some good examples of trees ideal for planting near a pool include hornbeams, trident maples, and Japanese maples.

Avoid Taller Plants

Height can quickly become a problem when it comes to landscaping since taller shrubs and trees often lead to litter falling into the pool. When landscaping along the edge of your pool patio, stick with shorter plants and keep branches away from the water. 

Consider the Attraction from Bugs

Some plants can look beautiful, but quickly attract the attention of bugs such as ladybugs, dragonflies, or even bees. While this is great for some gardens, it may not be what you want near the pool due to the amount of time you'll be spending there and the splashing that often occurs. Choose plants that aren't as appealing to bugs is a good idea since it will keep the pool free of them.

Choose Plants Which Offer Privacy

While taller plants are not a good idea due to how unruly they can be, you still have an option for added privacy. Instead of choosing plants that grow wildly, consider buying a trellis and using vines to add height without worrying about messes.

Make Low-Maintenance a Priority

As you look for plants to grow near your pool, look for ones that are low-maintenance. Tree trimming can be messy and time-consuming, along with caring for various shrubs and flowers. With low-maintenance plants, you can enjoy the pool landscaping without a lot of effort towards landscaping.

Taking care of the landscaping around your pool can be overwhelming if you're unsure of what kinds of plants would do best in this space. By making litter a major concern, you'll be able to choose plants that enhance the space without creating a mess in the pool. Contact a company like Randles Landscape & Design for more information.


1 April 2015

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