Create Your Very Own Backyard Sanctuary

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Whether you enjoy relaxing in the peace and quiet or like to crank the tunes and party, you can easily turn your backyard into the space of your dreams with less effort than you may imagine. By spending just a little time and money, you can transform your plain old yard into an eye catching extension of your home's living space.


Sod and flowers aren't your only options when it comes to landscaping. Strategically placed trees can provide much needed shade in warmer climates, while bushes and hedges of varying heights can add visual appeal. You can also use a thick row of hedges to separate a more private area for quiet seating or even a hot tub.


Adequate lighting not only allows you to use your space well into the evening hours, but also helps set the mood. Soft lighting from hanging paper lanterns, for example, is a relatively inexpensive way to create a relaxed, romantic feel. Lighted pathways not only allow you to safely more around your yard at night, but improve the aesthetics of your space when incorporating color and creative designs.

Water Features

Not everyone can have a pool or large fountain in their backyard, but that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate water features into your space. Small ponds, streams, and even fountains are absolutely feasible, and when set up properly, do not require much upkeep.


If you have it in your budget to add something a little special to your space, consider an outdoor kitchen. Many people already have an outdoor grill, but incorporating an outdoor sink, refrigerator and countertops can turn a backyard BBQ into a wonderful place to entertain guests. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a way to add a unique focal point to a conversation area. It also helps extend the times you can use your outdoor space by providing much-needed heat during the cooler times of the year.

Consulting a professional landscaper, electrical contractor, or mason may seem like an unnecessary cost when you are looking to update your back yard space, but it's not. Professional contractors not only ensure that the job is done safely and correctly, but also have great ideas on how to maximize your budget to develop the space you have in mind for the least amount of money. They will also be able to help you take into consideration upkeep requirements to make sure you get the most for you money.


23 March 2015

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