Replacing A Vinyl Liner With A Fiberglass Shell: Save Money And Time For Years

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If your inground vinyl liner pool has tears and needs repairs, you may want to consider getting a fiberglass insert put inside. A pool contractor, such as Pool Service Co., can examine your current pool, to determine if a fiberglass shell will fit properly into the spot.

The fiberglass unit will be a hard shell that goes over the existing shape of your pool, and it will have to be custom molded by a manufacturer. Here are a few reasons to consider a new fiberglass shell to repair the pool, instead of replacing the vinyl liner.

A Quick Option

The fiberglass pool is going to be a quick option for your pool repairs. The contractor will take the measurements and can have a new liner created within a few days. The pool contractor can be putting it in place of the liner in a short amount of time, so you don't have to waste your summer waiting on repairs.

Reduced Maintenance

Liners are easier to tear as they age, but even brand new liners can get torn by animals or debris that fall into the pool. Instead of worrying about the liner, the fiberglass option is robust. It will withstand earth movement, and it won't be affected by fall tree branches or other sharp objects. The fiberglass is also impermeable, so you don't have to worry as much about algae growth inside the pool. This means fewer chemicals to buy throughout pool season.

The liner is very easy to clean, and you don't have to worry about pressing too hard, or disrupting the area where a vinyl liner would be secured to a pool. The vinyl liner may have to be replaced several times while you own the home, and the fiberglass shell won't have to be replaced again any time soon.

The fiberglass liner may not be able to fit your exact model of pool, so the contractor may have to make adjustments. This can alter the amount of time the project consumers, and how fast you are able to swim. If you are going to drain your pool to have the vinyl liner repaired or replaced entirely, you should consider putting a fiberglass shell it's place, so you aren't doing the same thing again a few years down the road. Get more than one estimate from local pool contractors so you can compare the costs for the fiberglass shell, and for the installation.


5 March 2015

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