3 Ideas To Give Your Worn Out Concrete Finish A New Look

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Like any building material, concrete can become worn and damaged over time. When this happens, one option is to have your concrete replaced. Another option is leave the old concrete and have resurfaced. Resurfacing concrete can save you time and money, as well as give you many choices for a new finish to your concrete.  If you are thinking about resurfacing concrete, here are three ideas to give your concrete a new look:

1. Concrete Acid Stain For The Look Of Finished Flooring

There are many places where you may need to have concrete resurfaced. This can include indoor areas or covered outdoor areas. Acid staining is a great way to finish concrete and give it a unique look. Things like stencils can be used to give acid staining the look of custom tile. This is an affordable solution for finished concrete floors. It you have a basement that you are planning on finishing, this is a great way to finish the floors after the concrete has been resurfaced.

2. Stamped Concrete For The Look Of Brick And Masonry

Stamped concrete is a great way to resurface concrete in areas like driveways, patios and garden paths. If you have old, worn concrete, a stamped surface can give you the look of brick and stone at the fraction of the cost. It is a durable solution for resurfacing your concrete, and defects and cracks will not be as noticeable as they are with concrete that has smooth finish. Many types of color sealants can also be applied to stamped concrete to help make it more durable.

3. Epoxy Coating Finish For A Stain Resistant Finished Look

Another finish that can be done to your concrete is an application of epoxy finish. This is a plastic-like material that comes in many different colors and is resistant to stains from oil and other materials. It is an ideal solution to use when resurfacing concrete in garages and other areas that are prone to oil stains. It can provide you with an easy solution to clean up messes on your concrete. It can also be used for the finish on patios and other areas you want to have a durable stain-resistant finish.

These are some ways to give your concrete a new look using resurfacing. If you need to have concrete repaired and refinished, contact a concrete company like Mara Restoration, Inc. and ask them about using some of these ideas for your concrete.


23 February 2015

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