Things To Consider Before Repairing Or Remodeling Your Backyard In-Ground Pool


If you're looking to hire a contractor to remodel your pool, get as much information as you can before making your choice. Get all your questions about the installation or repairs answered before signing any paperwork. You will be protecting yourself and learning more about the contractor you expect to give you the quality work you deserve.

Estimate of the Time It Will Take to Complete

One of the first things to consider before going ahead with a pool renovation project is how long it will take. For example, if you want your pool ready for the summer swim season, don't wait until spring to begin getting estimates. Fall or winter is a good time to have pool repairs done since pool contractors aren't as busy.

Depending on the extent of the renovations you want (a simple fix-up job vs. a complete pool makeover), the project could take anywhere from just a few days to several weeks to complete. Keep in mind that weather can cause delays. Also, if you're contracting for additional services such as decking and landscaping, the project will take longer.

Questions to Ask

When you are in the market for a pool contractor (such as one from Splash Swimming Pools), talk to at least three or four contractors before signing a contract. Questions you should ask include whether the contractor:

Offers a warranty on the work and what it covers. A warranty guarantees defective workmanship or materials, and specifies within how many days you must notify the contractor once you become aware of a problem. The contractor is then obligated to repair the damage or replace bad materials.

Ask how long the warranty lasts. Find out the length of time the contractor guarantees both the materials and the labor.

Has comprehensive liability insurance. When a pool is being remodeled or repaired, there is always the chance that an injury or property damage could occur. Liability insurance protects against such an event. The more insurance the contractor has, the better protected you are. Ask for the name and phone number of the contractor's insurance company so you can request a copy of the certificate of insurance.

Has workers' compensation insurance for employees. If one of the pool contractor's employees gets hurt on the job, workers' compensation insurance pays for the person's medical costs and time lost from work. However, if the contractor doesn't have workers' compensation insurance and an employee is injured while working on your property, the person could sue you for medical expenses and lost wages.

Sub-contracts any of the work. Even if you pay the pool contractor you hire for the entire job, if the general contractor doesn't pay the sub-contractors for the work they perform, a sub-contractor can place a mechanics lien against your home.

Applies for the necessary permits or if that's your responsibility. In many states and municipalities, either the contractor or the homeowner can get the permits.

Steps for Good Measure

Ask the contractor for a list of recent referrals before making up your mind. Get all the details of the job included in the written contract. Find out what costs there could be in addition to the itemized breakdown of the costs specified in the contract.

Sometimes things go wrong. Code requirements, excavation issues, plumbing problems, and poor water quality are just some of the problems that can occur during pool construction. But knowing what you could be up against from the start can help you prepare for what might come along before the project is finished.


15 January 2015

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