4 Reasons Why It's Better To Buy Furniture From A Store Rather Than A Buy/Sell/Trade Group

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Local buy/sell/trade groups have been popping up on social networking sites for the last few years. Users scour these groups to find top-notch bargains on everything from sofa sets to patio furniture, and many folks do find some excellent deals. Unfortunately, not every buyer has a pleasant experience in a buy/sell/trade group. Here are four reasons why it's better to shop at a furniture store rather than in an online yard sale group.

Honest Answers

Before you agree to buy a piece of furniture, you might want to know a bit more about it. Sellers in online groups are often happy to answer your questions, but how do you know that you're actually getting honest answers? You and the seller might have a very different idea of what "like new" means, and the seller may fail to mention that a piece has numerous flaws.

There are no surprises when you shop at a reputable furniture store. The sales rep will thoroughly address your concerns before you leave, so you know that your new table or chair will offer exactly what you want. 

Peace of Mind

Buying items from a stranger can be scary, and there are several reasons why. For starters, you have to go to someone's home to pick up the pieces, and that isn't always safe. Even if the seller is completely harmless, you can't request a warranty or ask for special packaging to protect your furniture on its trip home.

Shopping at a store alleviates these potential issues. You can shop safely and confidently inside of the store's well-lit interior, and the owner may even offer product protection for some of the furniture.

Reduced Risk of Allergens

Do you sneeze as soon as a cat walks by? Does cigarette smoke aggravate your asthma? When you buy used goods, there's a chance that your furniture might be coated with common allergens. Protect your health by purchasing clean, allergy-friendly pieces from a trusted furniture showroom. Some pieces even come with an antimicrobial finish or a hypoallergenic cover, so keep that in mind as you shop.

Financing Options

Items disappear quickly in online garage sale groups. If you don't have enough cash for that outdoor furniture set or used microfiber couch, then you're just out of luck. Fortunately, many furniture stores understand that buyers don't always have thousands of dollars on hand for new dressers and sofas. Talk to an employee to learn which financing options the store offers. You may be able to apply for a store credit card, take out a loan, or agree to a monthly payment plan.

A well-made, carefully maintained piece of furniture can last for years. Avoid unpleasant surprises by skipping the buy/sell/trade groups and spending your hard-earned money at a furniture store like Patio Gallery instead.


5 January 2015

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