Three Common Misconceptions About The Upkeep Of Granite Countertops

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Of all of the choices in bathroom countertop material, granite has remained one of the most popular for decades and for good reason. Granite offers durability that is hard to match with tile or other materials. In fact, it is so resilient that it is not unusual for it to last the lifetime of a home. However great the benefits may be that granite vanities, countertops, and other home elements have to offer, many homeowners avoid this incredible material altogether for all of the wrong reasons. There are a few common misconceptions about the care and fragility of granite that do deserve to be proven false.

Misconception: Granite is too difficult to care for in a bathroom because it is prone to soap scum buildup.

Fact: The natural polished state of granite does show soap scum a bit easier than some less polished materials, such as quartz or tile. In an area where soap is a common staple, this is often a concern with granite countertops. However, the polished state also means that the soap scum is easier to clean. While it may seem that the soapy film shows easier, it can be removed with just a swipe of a towel and little elbow grease involved.

Misconception: The heat and steam in the bathroom can cause the granite to crack.

Fact: Granite is made of natural stone that is highly resilient to breakage and heat resistant. Further, the natural stone is known to absorb the heat that is in the room. One of the main reasons that granite is a popular choice in the kitchen is because a hot pan or kettle can be set on this material without worry of damaging the surface. While normally the heat would condense to a certain area and cause damage, the rock acts as a radiant heat source that transfers the heat evenly through the rock.

Misconception: Granite vanities are an expensive choice.

Fact: Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming granite vanities are a dramatically expensive choice for the bathroom. While the price tag can be a bit higher for granite, the durability that you get when you make this investment is hard to match. Where you would probably only see traditional ceramics or tile last a few decades, granite will usually be a permanent fixture in the home because of its resiliency.

When it comes down to it, granite really is a good choice for the modern home. The range of styles and colors works well in just about any bathroom design and the benefits of using this material far outweigh the initial investment cost. If you're ready to change out your countertops for granite, contact a local marble or home-improvement company like A. Padilla Marble, Inc. or others.


26 December 2014

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