Adding Privacy To Any Chain Link Fence In Four Simple Steps


For one reason or another, you may have added a chain link fence to your home. It may be to keep the dogs in the yard, or simply to add more security to your home. The problem you may have now is that chain link fencing offers you very little privacy. There are a lot of things that you can do to add privacy to your fence though, such as adding a windscreen and cane materials.

If you want a fence that gives your home a little more privacy, here are four simple steps to making a chain link fence more private:

1. Find The Right Materials For Your Fence

You can choose many different materials for adding privacy to your fence. If you are going to be using cane, you will want to find a tan color windscreen. There are some screens available made of natural materials like burlap, which will match cane perfectly. Also, you will want to use tan or light color ties that match the screen and cane to fasten the material to the fence.

If you want to use green windscreen, you can use green zip ties, which will not be as noticeable.

2. Installing The Windscreen On Your Fence

The first step is to install the windscreen on the fence. You will want to attach one end of the roll with the zip ties, and then roll it out across the fence. If it is too long, you can cut it to the fence; if it is too short, you may want to use two rows of the screen.

Use the zip ties to secure the screen to the fence and keep it tight. The more ties you use, the more secure the screen will be and less likely to be damaged by wind and weather.

3. Adding Cane Over The Wind Screen For A Finished Look

Once you have installed the windscreen to the fence, the process is the same with the cane. You will want to make sure you have a roll of cane that is at least the height of your fence. If the cane is a little taller than your fence, this will not matter, and will give you more privacy. You want to tie the cane with the zip ties like you did with the screen. Once you have finished, cut off any excess on the ties to make them less visible.

4. Completing The Gates And Entrances Of Your Fence

For gates, fences and entrances, you will want to do the same as you did for the fence. It is easier to do these separately to cut the material to fit, as well as leave room for hardware like hinges. You can cut the screen the full length of a gate, and make the cane fence a little shorter, so you will be able to open and close the gate without the cane material interfering with the operation of a gate. If you are adding this material to an automated gate, make sure that the materials do not interfere with any moving parts.

Follow these simple steps to add privacy to your fence with windscreen and simple cane fence materials. If you need to have a fence installed, repairs done or you want help installing these materials, contact a building supplier to get advice and all the materials you need for your project. To learn more, contact a company like Harrington & Company with any questions you have.


19 December 2014

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